Cleaning and Disinfecting Services

Fabi- Can Services LLC

Due to the huge volume of requests we have received recently to perform additional services such as.

 Home Sanitizing, Disinfecting, Cleaning; (This could be after a family gathering or prior to one or just routine service).

Removal of rodent droppings, (prior to and/or during our treatment for rodents).

 Clothes Moth elimination, detection and prevention .

As well as other Home related services, Northeast has aligned with Fabi-Can CT LLC.

Fabi-Can CT LLC is available to performer the above listed services for your Home, Home Offices, or Commercial Buildings.

Fabi-Can’s trained staff is available even on short notice in emergencies.

Please ask a Northeast Representative for more information.

We can all agree in today’s climate, we can always strive to be as careful as we can.

if you can’t Fabi can